Fitness Gear Knockoffs

Fitness Gear Knockoffs

Looking to save a little $$ for the same style?  We've got you covered!!  Here are a few of our favorite name brand knockoffs as composed by my brand name obsessed 14 year old daughter!  Please note that this post may contain affiliate links and I am  Amazon Associate and can earn from qualifying purchases. 



Soft Yoga Legging (Lulu Align dupe) - I SWEAR by these!  Incredibly soft and don't pill up after washing: 

Lulu align legging dupe yoga leggings


Yoga leggings with pockets (Lulu Align with pockets dupe) 


Lulu align with pockets dupe yoga leggings with pocket


High Waisted crossover leggings ( Aerie Real Me High Waisted crossover leggings"... which is a dupe of "lululemon Align™ V-Waist Mini-Flared Pant ): 


High waist lulu align crossover aerie dupes yoga leggings


Joggers (Lulu align high rise jogger dupe)

Lulu high rise jogger dupes


Shorts with zipper pocket (Lulu Hottie Hot shorts dupe)

Lulu hottie hot shorts with zipper pocket




Tank Longline Sportsbra with Padding (Lulu Align Tank dupe)

Lulu align longline sportsbra tank


Half Zip Pullover Sweatshirt with thumbholes (Lulu Scuba half zip dupe)

Lulu scuba half zip sweatshirt pullover dupe


Half Zip with Hoodie (Lulu Scuba half zip with Hoodie dupe) 


Half zip scuba lulu knockoff sweatshirt pullover with hoodie


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