Your name is your workout

Today is the first day of the kids being home. They were actually sent home with guidance on activities for PE which I thought was pretty cool. I know some of us are going a little stir crazy – so I figured I’d give you a workout you can do at home AND something your kids can participate in!! Try it out and see what you and your kids can do!

Use your name and spell out your workout.  Challenge yourself by using your FULL name… or start small and use a nickname.  If you really want to challenge yourself you can use your first middle and last, a friends name, a pets name, or just spell out a random word like QUARANTINE (sorry – little humor there).

This is a great activity for your kids – and feel free to adjust the workout to suit their abilities!  It’s also a great way to teach your kindergartners how to spell!  Lots of great things this fun little at home workout can accomplish!