Virtual Race Course

It’s tough being socially distanced from our running friends.  Races are being postponed or cancelled.  Running alone is fine – but there’s a void from the FEEL of a race course that solo running just doesn’t fill.

That’s why we came up with the Social Distance Virtual RACE COURSE.

This isn’t a virtual race…. this is actually a virtual race COURSE!  In a single printable pdf you will get multiple cheer squad poster holders, a race course photographer, water station (print multiple for multiple stations), a printable race medal, printable race shirt, and even printable race bananas!!

The entire race day experience in ONE SINGLE PDF!

Best news?? It’s FREE! We are letting you download your virtual race course free of charge in order to help give you the best experience running while practicing safe social distancing.

Click here to download and print your SRTT Social Distance Virtual Race Course

So grab that race bib from the race you were SUPPOSED to run, plot out your course, lace up your running shoes, and go RACE!

Good luck and let the virtual course be with you!

See what’s inside:


*Most of these images came from google.  Typically I try not to borrow images online but came up with this last min.  If anyone needs credit back please let me know – I’m just trying to make my members smile in this rough time 🙂  Happy April Fools Day