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I can barely contain my excitement any longer!!  I teamed up with the amazing Whitney Carlson from He and She Eat Clean to bring you this awesome new training plan for your next half marathon or marathon!!!  Our 12 week Half Marathon Training Plan and 16 week (Plus 2 pre-start weeks if needed) Marathon Training Plan is designed to make you a more well rounded runner and get you thinking of building the rest of your body to support your running!  It’s not all about those legs girls,…

It is probably going to be different than most others you’ve seen… It combines strength training including upper body, legs and core, balance exercises to help you develop strong ankles, stretching geared specifically for runners, and well of course RUNNING!

There are HUNDREDS if not thousands of training plans out there and we didn’t want to be like the others…. we wanted to put a lot of thought into what people hate about training and what people wish they did during training to create this plan!   The strength and balance portions can be done AT HOME with body weights or just small 5-10lb weights (more if you are in beast mode!).  We will give suggestions for cardio day that you can do at home as well!  Enjoy the luxury of 2 short runs followed by a long run each week knowing that all of our “extras” will prepare your body for a strong finish on race day!

Check out a sample of our Training Calendar below!


We also include a ton of training tips and suggestions, a half/marathon packing list, a list of things to do when/if you experience the dreaded “Taper Madness“, and even some tips on what to eat while training.  There are currently over 90 pages of information in the Marathon Training Plan to take all the guesswork out of it for you!!!

If you are training for your first marathon or half, or you’ve done them in the past – this new training plan will hopefully be a new favorite!  You can amp it up as your fitness allows so it’s really functional for all fitness levels! Ready to purchase the plan?

Purchase the Half Marathon Training Plan for $30
Buy Now!

Purchase the Marathon Training Plan for $30
Buy Now!

Half Marathon Training Plan for Runners Marathon Training Plan for Runners
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