Start A Chapter

Thank you for your interest in becoming a She RUNS This Town (SRTT) Chapter Leader!  It’s a fun and rewarding experience to gather like minded women to support and encourage each other.

If you are curious about what’s involved, here’s a brief run down.

  1. SRTT is a FREE running club for women!  We are an international organization with chapters all over the United States, as well as in Canada, Germany, Thailand and other parts of the world!
  2. You will be leading and encouraging women in your local area under the SRTT umbrella. This doesn’t mean you need to run an 8 minute mile or that you need to be a fitness guru. What it does mean is that you need to be enthusiastic about being inclusive to all members and promote a healthy lifestyle. It also means that you would need to manage a Facebook group for your SRTT chapter and suggest ways for your members to connect online and in real life, like setting up group runs. This is the minimum we ask of our chapter leaders, however many do so much more like set up social gatherings and partner with local businesses and races.
  3. Before you fill out the form to sign up, you will need to create a Facebook Group for your chapter.  Each chapter is usually called by its location or area. Please check to make sure there is not another chapter in your area already that is active. For help creating a Facebook Group, click HERE (*See page on how to create a FB group.)
  4. Once you fill out the form to sign up, you will be able to add your chapter to our national website.
  5. Now comes the fun part! Start adding members, spreading the word, and building your local community of runners!
  6. Within a few days you will receive an invitation to our private Chapter Leader group where you can share and get ideas about running a chapter, as well as, get insider SRTT info useful for your new chapter.

And that’s pretty much it!

Ready to join in on the fun? Just fill out this form and lets get your chapter off and running!
You will need to agree to the SRTT guidelines which can be found HERE.
*All info is kept private.