SRTT Guidelines

About the She RUNS This Town Community

  • You are signing up to be a chapter leader for She RUNS This Town – a FREE worldwide running club for women. This means there is no fee for you to sign up and no fees ever for your members!
  • We are She RUNS This Town (SRTT), formerly known as Moms RUN This Town (MRTT). We recently changed our name to open our arms to a broader audience but will always have both She RUNS and Moms RUN. We chose to use “she” because it is more inclusive. To put things simply – if the “she” fits – join us!
  • We are an international organization which means your chapter is not alone. You are a part of a beautiful network of running women all over the world! We have a private chapter leader Facebook group. In this group, you can connect with chapter leaders from around the world to help guide you along the way. Your sister chapters are always there to help as well! You will find suggestions and support for how to spread the word about your chapter, challenges to encourage member participation, advice for dealing with chapter issues, as well as discount codes and other perks for you and your chapter.

SRTT Chapter Leader Expectations

  • Your chapter is set up through a Facebook group (not a page) you create using your town/city name and state. You can set up questions to screen new members coming in which helps keep the group focused on women runners who are local to your area and who wish to be a part of our organization.
  • As a chapter leader of SRTT we expect you will encourage your members to be an active part of your chapter. That means encouraging interactions on the Facebook group as well as face-to-face interactions. Most in person meetings are for group runs or for photo ops before a race. This was the original purpose of SRTT – that members never have to run alone (unless they want to) and to have members networked EVERYWHERE. We have a national Facebook page for individual members, as well as a virtual chapter Facebook page for individuals who are not near a local chapter.
  • Every chapter runs a little different and you will find what fits your group best.  You are welcome to set up organized weekly runs but always just encourage women to chime in when they are looking for running partners.
  • You are welcome to host non-running events like painting parties, girls’ nights, and other types of events to keep the group fun and connected.
  • She RUNS This Town is a free running club and no chapter or chapter leader can collect any dues or membership fees from members.  Chapter leaders who profit in any way from operating the chapter will be removed and other actions may follow.  If you need any guidance on collecting money for group orders, please contact us first at
  • Chapter Leaders are expected to be aware of the SRTT Safety Guidelines and share those guidelines within the group.

SRTT Facebook Group Etiquette

  • As a chapter leader of SRTT we expect you will encourage your members to be an active part of your chapter. That means encouraging interactions on the Facebook group as well as face-to-face interactions.
  • Please do not use SRTT/MRTT as a platform for discussion topics that may be opinion or politically based.  We will address issues and offer guidance and suggestions, but your role as chapter leader is to be as neutral as possible when conducting your group.  Keep it to running and fitness please.
  • As a chapter leader, you will be trusted to use common sense and do what is best for your chapter. You may come across issues or disagreements in your chapter – please do your best to moderate discussions and handle these issues in a tactful neutral way. If you need guidance, please email us at
  • Advertising is not allowed in your group.  Some chapters have a “local vendors” page where members can post their businesses but offering any type of sales, discounts, or promotions where a member will profit off other members is prohibited.  This keeps the group tidy and focused on running and fitness only.

SRTT Safety Guidelines & Waivers

  • Everyone who participates in She RUNS This Town runs at their own risk. SRTT/MRTT will not be held liable nor should the chapter leader be held liable for any issues that occur during group runs or events.  Please encourage your girls to train smart, properly hydrate, and use common sense. We also ask that you share the Large Group Run safety guidelines within your group.
  • Please review the Group Safety Guidelines below and Runner Safety and Etiquette and be aware of your surroundings when running solo or with a group. We recommend that you always run with some type of safety device such as an alarm or pepper spray, wear a RoadID and have an ICE (in case of emergency) designation on your phone.

SRTT Safety Guidelines for COVID

  • We are currently experiencing unprecedented times and restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rules and regulations regarding the virus vary widely based on state and local authorities, please ensure that your chapter and members are following the appropriate guidelines in your area.
  • All SRTT chapter leaders and members are expected to be truthful and responsible about their own physical health and their potential exposure to COVID-19 from family members and co-workers. If you do not feel well or if someone in your home is not feeling well, you must stay home and protect your fellow SRTT members.
  • Ask a Chapter Leader, we ask that you community to your SRTT members to follow social distancing guidelines of 6 ft or more and will refrain from engaging in physical contact with other members before, during and after group activities.
  • Members who choose to wear a mask or face covering while running are encouraged to participate at the level that is comfortable for you. Please be aware that the mask can increase the workload and cause unnecessary strain on your body. If you feel light-headed, dizzy or short of breath please discontinue the activity and seek medical attention.

SRTT Large Group Run Safety Guidelines

  • Organizing and leading an SRTT large group run is an important responsibility. To help ensure your group runs are well organized and safe, SRTT has issued the following guidelines for leading a group run.  These guidelines apply to larger meet ups and group runs.
  • The run leader or chapter leader should identify new members and/or guests and ensure they have registered and signed a waiver before the run begins. DO NOT let anyone run with the group if they refuse to sign a waiver or follow the rules of the group run.
  • Before beginning the run, please make sure everyone is aware of the rules of the run that are covered here such as stick to the designated route, be aware of your surroundings, leave no one behind, and follow all traffic rules. Encourage reflective gear when group runs are done during periods with lower light.
  • Consider a sign-in sheet so you know who is running with the group, how many people you have in the group. The sign-in sheet should also ask for an emergency contact name and number for you to have handy just in case something happens.
  • We recommend that the chapter leader, run leader or a designated individual participating in the group run should have current CPR and First Aid certifications as well as a first aid kit in their car.
  • The run leader should map out the route using a GPS or mapping tool and clearly outline the distance for the run as well as identify pace groups, turnaround points and any hydration support along the course.
  • Everyone in the group should obey all traffic signs. The group leader and pace leaders should NEVER run the group against a light or through a stop sign. Mid-sections of a group tend to ignore traffic signals while following the front of the pack. This has been the number one reason why people get hit by cars on group runs. Work with your runners to stress the importance of paying attention to their surroundings.
  • Use sidewalks and trails for group runs as much as possible, if you need to lead your group run on a road, face traffic and run no more than two abreast. This will allow oncoming motorist to see the group as opposed to driving upon the back of the pack. If there is a confrontation with a driver, follow the path of least violence. It’s better to lose an argument than to lose a life.  Use a cell phone camera to document a confrontational driver.
  • The group should never leave a club member behind for any reason (bathroom breaks, “need to walk”, twisted ankle, etc) and we strongly recommend that there is always a back of the pack runner or sweeper who carries a cell phone.
  • The run leader or chapter leader should engage people in conversation—especially if they seem to be in distress. Watch for signs of leaning, slurred speech and spontaneous stumbling, this could signify a stroke.
  • The run leader or a designated volunteer should be the last one to leave post-run. Most health-related problems such as heat stroke or heart attacks tend to occur in the down time immediately following a long group run.

SRTT Logos and Trademarks

  • Use of the SRTT/MRTT names, logos and marks is protected by She RUNS This Town through Affinity Licensing.  We offer several options to have gear produced for your chapter so just ask and we will guide you! Email us at for more information!

Discounts and Bibs

  • She RUNS This Town members often receive special discounts on races and gear. Please only use these codes as intended and do not share these discount codes with non-members.
  • Selling or swapping bibs within a chapter is only allowed if the race has an official transfer process.  Otherwise, it goes against the rules of the race which would make it illegal. This is why SRTT does not allow selling/swapping bibs unless the race rules allow it.

Ongoing Updates & Changes to Guidelines

  • As SRTT continues to grow, we may have to implement changes or add rules and new guidelines. Any new additions to the guidelines will be added here and communicated via email and the Chapter Leader Facebook page. You will be held to the guidelines on this page. Please know that this is for the betterment of the club and will only be done when necessary.