Race Shirt Re-Mix

Most everyone loves regular t-shirts….. unfortunately on me they make my boxy frame look even more boxy.  I can’t tell you how many race tshirts I’ve either tossed or just used as painting shirts because I just never wear them out.

Well that’s changed.

I’ve been dying to try to find a way to cut them up to fit better on me – and being encouraged to stay at home this past week has finally given me the time to try!

In the tutorial I used a #shoplocal shirt that I’ve been dying to wear but just never felt comfortable in. I absolutely LOVE it now!!

All you need is:

  • Race shirt / Any tshirt
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat or cardboard box to protect surface
  • Chalk (dark shirt) / washable marker

There are a number of things you can fix depending on how you like your shirts to fit so just experiment and have fun.  Remember you can always cut MORE but you can’t cut LESS – so cut, try on, cut again, repeat until you get the desired effect!

Here’s one remix you can do to your shirts but there are TONS of options if you google tshirt cutting tutorials.

If you need a template for the wings I just free handed mine but made up a similar template here:
Left Wing Template
Right Wing Template