Protein + Caffeine = AWESOME

The other day one of my main mamas texted me asking how I was doing.  We’ve had a busy month with MRTT with lot of changes so she knew I was running on fumes.  Of course – it was the morning after coming home from the Running & Fitness Event for Women in Chicago, IL…. I was exhausted and naturally I had NO CREAMER for my coffee!!!!  I texted her back with this horrific info along with a few choice words.

“Do you happen to have any extra vanilla protein powder laying around?”

“Yep, I actually have a jack-ton… why?”

Then she proceeded to tell me to take HOT coffee and put it in a blender with a scoop of vanilla protein powder, pack of stevia, and blend it up.  That’s it….. I’ll admit, it sounded kinda odd, but I was desperate.

What happened next was this delicious heavenly frothy coffee drink!!!!  I was SHOCKED and immediately hooked.  Going on day 3 of this being my new morning wakeup drink!

If you need a new creative way to get your protein in (I’m SO tired of shakes), if you are out of creamer, or if you just like frothy coffee – you need to try this!!!!

coffee protein copy

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