Goals and Tracker Sheet!

Setting goals mentally is great – but getting them down on paper and coming up with steps is an even better way to stay accountable!  Print out one of our 2020 goals coloring sheets for you and the kiddos!  Let them set goals on their own and talk to them about the things they can do to accomplish them!

I’m also adding a link to a tracker sheet.  It can be used for anything!  Workouts, homework, chores, runs, … you name it!  My son loves earning stickers to put on the little bubbles to see his progress – and I can’t lie – I like putting stickers on mine too 😉  If you don’t have stickers you can always color in the bubbles or draw tiny pictures in them.  If you are computer savvy, print out images from your computer on mailing labels and cut them out!  Any way to stay on track!

Download your sheets below:

 Activity sticker chart fitness goals tracker