For Moms

We will always have a special place for moms in our heart.  Whether you are running during pregnancy, post partum, or just facing the challenges of learning how to juggle motherhood and running – we have you covered!  We will be building a list of links we find helpful to all the mother runners out there regardless of what stage of motherhood you are in!  Check back often to find new links and articles, or if you wish to contribute a blog post about running as a mom, we’d love to hear from you!  Just email us at with the subject line “Running Mama”.

Articles and links soon to come:

  • Running through pregnancy
  • Best running strollers and reviews
  • Tips on running with a jogging stroller
  • Running post partum
  • Regaining pre-pregnancy strength
  • Balancing motherhood and running
  • Nursing while running