Fitsie the Elf

If you missed Fitsie the Elf on Instagram you can see her entire month of fitness here! Hope you enjoyed her visit and be sure to check back in 2016 for a challenge that will have you feeling like Fitsie!


Day 1: Fitsie has noticed her hips are really tight during and after runs. She read that yoga can be awesome for runners! She found some awesome hip opening stretches and yoga for runners on YouTube and she thinks you should check it out too!! Everyone copy Fitsie and show us your favorite yoga pose or stretch for runners!


Day 2: It’s raining outside at Fitsie’s house. Today she was supposed to run, but with baby elf home with her that just can’t happen in the rain! Instead, she found some awesome HIIT workouts online and was able to get in some cardio! Nice mountain climbers Fitsie!


Day 3: The rain cleared up and it was a beautiful day for a run! Fitsie was tired of her usual roads so today she took it to the trails! Trail running is great to help you break out of a running rut by giving an extra challenge, just make sure you are wearing proper shoes! Change up your routine and try it! Enjoy the beauty and sounds of nature!


Day 4: Whew! Fitsie had a busy day of Christmas shopping and crafting for her running buddies. She didn’t get a chance to workout but she DID get her daily water in!! Did you? Now that the kids are in bed she is kicking her feet up and catching up on some of her favorite running magazines! They always gave great tips, gear reviews and even free training plans! What’s your favorite running magazine?


Day 5: Today was a long run for Fitsie! 16 miles in the books… Her longest run to date! She heard great things about ice baths and Epsom salt baths for recovery so she decided to try it! Epsom salts that is… It’s cold enough in the North Pole, something warm sounded better! 15 min is all it takes to help with soreness and remove toxins! Check out our blog post Crafting for Runners: Part 1 (easy) and see how you can fancy up a jar of salts to give as a gift!


Day 6: Fitsie is “embracing the shake” with Pure Barre. The small isometric movements work muscles deep in your core that you didn’t even realize we’re there or weren’t able to reach with any other form of exercise! It helps build endurance and conditions your muscles to move faster. Your body will shake.. And that’s how you know it’s working. Fitsie is loving the challenge Pure Barre offers. I wanna see that tuck Fitsie!


Day 7: Balance is often an overlooked aspect of fitness. Today Fitsie is working on her balance using a stability ball and her BOSU. There are a ton of different exercises you can do to increase balance and strength in your ankles as well as balance and strength in your core. Increase difficulty by adding weights or start small with balance exercises on the floor.


Day 8: Fitsie has been a busy elf today! A rest day means Fitsie had time to prep some costumes for an upcoming 5k that she is running with her friends. Since the MRTT website posted a new tutorial on how to make a sparkly skirt, she whipped out her craft supplies and went to town! Craft your own DIY skirt for your next race with our tutorial HERE!


Day 9: Fitsie tries CrossFit! This is completely out of her comfort zone, but she scored an awesome deal on groupon so she had to try it! CrossFit is performing “functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity.” Have you tried CrossFit?


Day 10: Fitsie dusted off the ole bike and went for a ride. Cycling is the perfect compliment to running. It’s also great for those injured runners who need a good low impact exercise to keep up their cardio! Who knows… Maybe she will sign up for that sprint tri she’s always wanted to do! How many cyclist do we have out there?


Day 11: Fitsie had to head back to the North Pole to check in with Santa. Since all her workout equipment is here, she decided to pack her TRX suspension trainer since it’s easy to take on the go!! Fitsie has been feeling her core strengthening which is really helping her running!! Suspension Training develops your strength by utilizing functional movements and dynamic positions that are performed not only when lying on your back on the ground, which is typical for traditional abs exercises.


Day 12: Look at Fitsie climb!! Today she is really testing her upper body strength with a little indoor rock wall climbing! Running has helped with leg strength, but rock climbing uses muscles in your forearms and biceps which are often neglected from runners! Indoor wall climbing requires a mix of balance, strength and endurance that really is a fun challenge!!


Day 13: Fitsie is used to flying, so she decided to try Aerial Silks! It’s not all fun and games though, silks require upper body strength, core strength and flexibility! There are also ways to use the silks like a suspension system to really get an awesome core workout!! If you haven’t tried it before, check with your local gym to see if they have them! Aerial silks and aerial yoga are increasing in popularity!


Day 14: One benefit to being an elf is playing with all the toys at Santa’s Workshop! Hula Hoops are always popular with the kids – but did you know they made a grownup FITNESS HOOP? Check out FXP Fitness Hoops to find out how you can stay fit and have fun!


Day 15: Fitsie has been working hard lately!! She’s noticed some soreness and stiffness she can’t shake. Her local running store recommended a foam roller such as one from @tp_therapy. Foam rollers and other like tools can help increase blood flow throughout the body, aid in better movement and increase range of motion.


Day 16: Weather is unseasonably warm here in Georgia, and Fitsie is still a little sore so she decided to go for a swim! Swimming is a great compliment to running because it’s low impact and great cardio and full body workout! Looks like Fitsie is one step closer to that sprint tri!!! It’s best to swim with a buddy so Fitsie is catching a few rays while she waits for her buddy.


Day 17: Today I invited Fitsie to a Pole Fitness class. I was initially drawn in by the amazing acrobatics that can be done on the pole… But after taking a class I realized the strength you use on the pole is something you don’t get from running! It really works your core and inner thighs…. And then of course embraces your inner sexy too 😉 Fitsie is a natural and was showing me up in class! Has anyone tried a pole class whether it was pole dance or pole fitness?


Day 18: Don’t worry… Fitsie is okay thanks to her RoadID bracelet. I was contacted by a fellow runner who saw Fitsie pass out while running. Apparently she skipped breakfast and her blood sugar was low. She had no other ID on her so I am so thankful she was wearing her RoadID!! These are great not only for athletes but kids also!!!


Day 19: Fitsie is taking it easy after passing out yesterday. She decided the perfect “recovery” activity was making posters for all of her friends in the big ELVES RUN THIS TOWN race this coming weekend! Showing support for your fellow runners means more to them than you know! If you aren’t running a race, try cheering at it!!


Day 20: Sunday is meal prep day for Fitsie! Prepping your foods for the week makes eating healthy easy especially during the holidays! If you need help getting started with meal prep or clean eating, check out the clean eating and meal prep ebooks from He and She Eat Clean which can be found on our website (very bottom of page)! How many of you do food prep for the week?


Day 21: Fitsie and her friend decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and go for a hike! The best part of hiking is that you can make it as challenging or easy depending on the terrain you choose! It definitely challenges you and allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature you don’t get to see while road running!! How many hikers do we have out there?


Day 22: Fitsie and I are exhausted…. We moved the entire MRTT inventory out of the office due to building flooding (true story) so now we are back at home relaxing by the Christmas Tree. We started looking up fun yoga inversions and after a search for “star pose” (figured it was fitting for the tree…) we found this! Fitsie nailed it… I wasn’t as successful BUT it gives me something to work on for 2016! What are your goals for 2016?


Day 23: Today Fitsie hosted a shoe drive at the local running store! There are a ton of great organizations that will take your used running shoes and donate them to third world countries. Check with your local running store to see if they are collecting used shoes or talk to them about hosting one!!


Day 24: Well, today is Fitsie’s last day here at the MRTT headquarters. She heads back to the North Pole tonight, but before she left she wanted to take a Flat Mama pic for the “North Pole’s Finest 5k” on the 26th!! Be sure to keep following us on Instagram and Facebook…. There may be a chance for you to run the race with Fitsie virtually and win prizes 😉 If you are running a race this weekend, be sure to lay out your outfit flat and snap a picture! Be sure to tag us with #flatmama on instagram and twitter!

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