Fathers Also Run This Town

From the beginning of MRTT we’ve heard the Dads make a stink over not having their own club….. “What about us?  Where’s our running group? Fathers also RUN This Town” Yes they do… and after 5 years of neglecting the men, we are ready to give in.

Thanks to the gusto of David Anderson (husband of MRTT  member Meghan Anderson, Columbus, OH chapter) we got wind of a new way to bond our running husbands!  We now invite your husbands to join Fathers Also RUN This Town.  Since David started the nationwide club for running fathers, he was blown away at the response and hopes to see it spread!

“Men love FARTT.  It’s a chance for us to let everything go and release anything we’ve built up during the day.” says Chris Bell, a new member of FARTT in Gaston County, NC.

We know men aren’t usually as social as women, but we feel there is definitely a need for this awesome group.  The men of FARTT are a silent but deadly group of men who typically don’t chit chat as much, but will definitely hold your man accountable when it comes time to break wind on race day!  They are definitely a strong force when it comes to the racing scene but they also know how to have a good time! Like our MRTT/SRTT groups, these men don’t JUST run!  They love meeting up for poker nights, golf outings and just to hang out and grab a beer!  We assure you, if you join this explosive group of running dads, your men will have a blast!

Is your man feeling too old to join?  Well…. Old Father’s also run this town…. that just makes them an Old FARTT!  Not a Father?  Don’t despair…. just like we added SRTT we also welcome Spouses/Husbands (SHARTT)!  Or perhaps they feel too slow to join?  Don’t let their speed prevent them from joining our FARTT club!  We welcome ALL types of FARTT members to join, so don’t hold back!

So how do they join?  Is there a membership fee? How do I get my husband involved with the massive FARTT movement?

Easy! We are taking the grunt work out of forming individual chapters and just making one big ole national group!  Joining is a breeze!  Just have them join our nationwide FARTT club on facebook. It’s free to join! There they can post their “Flat Daddy” race outfits, share tips, find new friends to meet up with for training or just have an online support group for all their adventures.  It’s sure to be a blast!

Now men, Don’t let this club backfire on us…. you gotta show up, and show up BIG to prove that you really deserve this special group!  Join today and celebrate tonight with our virtual meet and greet!  Drink a virtual beer and cut the cheesecake to celebrate the launch of FARTT.

Check out a few of our Fathers on a group run:

If you’ve ever seen the movie Fight Club our rules are similar….
Rules of the FARTT Club:

1st Rule: You always talk about FARTT CLUB.
2nd Rule: You ALWAYS talk about FARTT CLUB.
3rd Rule: If someone says “stop”, goes limp, taps out the RUN is over.
4th Rule: As many guys to a run as necessary.
5th Rule: One run at a time.
6th Rule: Shirts and shoes required (unless you are one of “those guys”)
7th Rule: Runs will go on as long as they have to.
8th Rule: If this is your first night at FARTT CLUB, you HAVE to RUN.

Be sure your men tag us on instagram once they join with the #FARTT hashtag!  We want to celebrate the new club and the breath of fresh air it adds to our community of runners!

Ladies, surprise your man with his very own FARTT Club Starter Pack!  Click here for a special price!


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