Chapter Submit

Welcome to the SRTT Sisterhood!  You are ready to get started on creating your official SRTT Chapter!  Here’s what you need to do next:

  1. Create your facebook group for your chapter.  I strongly recommend you use City, ST – She RUNS This Town so people can easily find you.
    • Please change the privacy to Private
    • Make sure only admins can approve new members
    • You can add a shortcut link in settings so it’s easy to direct – Go to “Edit Group Settings” then “Web Address”
    • Please set up screening questions to help cut back on spammers or those who should not be in the group
  2. To be added to the “Sounding Board” – a group for SRTT Chapter Leaders – Please click here and fill out BOTH answers to the questions so I know you are legit 😉
  3. Fill out the form below to add your chapter to the national website
  4. Get ready to have FUN!!!  The Sounding Board is filled with resources and knowledgeable chapter leaders to help guide you through building your community!  We are always here to help support you! Thanks for being a part of our amazing group of runners!

PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE YOUR FACEBOOK GROUP CREATED BEFORE YOU FILL OUT THIS FORM.  Without a facebook link no one will be able to find you. If you have not created your facebook group please do so before filling this out.

Chapter information
Change if different then yours.
Change if different then yours.
If outside US, choose international if your country is not on the list.
Not publicly visible
For contact.
If different from above.
For mailing.