Race Shirt Re-Mix

Most everyone loves regular t-shirts….. unfortunately on me they make my boxy frame look even more boxy.  I can’t tell you how many race tshirts I’ve either tossed or just used as painting shirts because I just never wear them out. Well that’s changed. I’ve been dying to try to find a way to cut […]

Crafting for Runners: Part 1 (Easy)

Whether you need a gift for your running buddy, or you just want to make something special for yourself! Check out our list of crafts perfect for runners!  We tried to include tutorials where we could. and tried to make them “easy” for everyone however we offer ways you can ramp it up if you […]

Crafting for Runners: Part 2 (Moderate)

These crafts are a little more time consuming, tedious and tricky…. so have patience – the outcome is worth the trouble!!! Race Bib Shrinky-Dink Necklace There is nothing better than a memorable race, but unfortunately you can’t go around wearing your bib and medal everywhere you go…. or can you?  Since bibs are made of […]

Crafting for Runners: Bib and Medal Holder

If you are one of those runners who obsesses over keeping every bib and collecting bling – this craft is for YOU!  And if you haven’t kept your bibs in the past, you may want to start 😉  This is a pretty easy one to do, as long as you can work a drill (if […]

DIY Sparkle Skirt

There are two types of people in this world… those who like to wear costumes for races, and those who are WRONG.  Ok just kidding…. but we’ve all had at least ONE race in our lives that just SCREAMED for a sparkle skirt, tutu, or something else festive…. right?  Well – now you can DIY […]