How To Run With A Jogging Stroller

How To Run With A Jogging Stroller By Whitney Sandoval Pro-tip: Carry snacks. Carry all the snacks. I started running with a jogging stroller after my daughter was born in 2015. I found a super cheap Baby Trend jogging stroller on a mom sell page and slowly began building my mileage. It’s been over five […]

MMRT: A sister club for ‘mighty’ runners

(emphasis on the might) Moms RUN This Town has been around for 8 years now. Back in the day we rarely used the acronym MRTT because we were afraid no one would know what it stood for. It surprised me when the #mrtt hashtag took off, girls were wanting MRTT gear, and people were calling […]

Running Groups For Moms

When I first started MRTT I found out about the book Train Like A Mother and the Another Mother Runner website. I had the chance to meet Sarah and Dimity at one of their house parties and later at a Zooma race. I always like to add little bucket list things for MRTT and it’s […]

You’ve Been Flipped!

One thing I LOVE about our MRTT members and leaders is the creativity they have. One chapter got this silly little idea to turn our MRTT car magnets into a game! Here’s how it works: If you are ever out and about… a parking lot…. a neighborhood…. anywhere really – and see someone with a […]

Positive Vibes Only

I was so hesitant to write this post, but I just feel it needs to be said – so here it goes. When I started Moms RUN This Town I had dreamed it would be huge one day but I had no clue the life it would take on, the reach it would make, the […]