DIY Sparkle Skirt

There are two types of people in this world… those who like to wear costumes for races, and those who are WRONG.  Ok just kidding…. but we’ve all had at least ONE race in our lives that just SCREAMED for a sparkle skirt, tutu, or something else festive…. right?  Well – now you can DIY […]

Fitsie the Elf

If you missed Fitsie the Elf on Instagram you can see her entire month of fitness here! Hope you enjoyed her visit and be sure to check back in 2016 for a challenge that will have you feeling like Fitsie! Day 1: Fitsie has noticed her hips are really tight during and after runs. She […]

I can do more

On Dec 16th, 2019 my dad went to the hospital with shortness of breath.  They told him he would need a quadruple bypass and scheduled surgery a week out, meanwhile he had to stay in the hospital until his surgery.  Of course “quadruple bypass” sounded scary and we were worried, but also had some reassurance […]

MMRT: A sister club for ‘mighty’ runners

(emphasis on the might) Moms RUN This Town has been around for 8 years now. Back in the day we rarely used the acronym MRTT because we were afraid no one would know what it stood for. It surprised me when the #mrtt hashtag took off, girls were wanting MRTT gear, and people were calling […]

Running Groups For Moms

When I first started MRTT I found out about the book Train Like A Mother and the Another Mother Runner website. I had the chance to meet Sarah and Dimity at one of their house parties and later at a Zooma race. I always like to add little bucket list things for MRTT and it’s […]

You’ve Been Flipped!

One thing I LOVE about our MRTT members and leaders is the creativity they have. One chapter got this silly little idea to turn our MRTT car magnets into a game! Here’s how it works: If you are ever out and about… a parking lot…. a neighborhood…. anywhere really – and see someone with a […]

Positive Vibes Only

I was so hesitant to write this post, but I just feel it needs to be said – so here it goes. When I started Moms RUN This Town I had dreamed it would be huge one day but I had no clue the life it would take on, the reach it would make, the […]