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Becoming an official SRTT Member is FREE, easy, and comes with perks!!

We are SUPER excited to announce that in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of She RUNS This Town/Moms RUN This Town we are launching our OFFICIAL member registration! With your She RUNS This Town registration you will receive your unique SRTT Member ID, access to exclusive perks, deals, discounts, challenges and so much more.  As always, membership is FREE – this is just a fun way we can keep you in the loop and up to date on all the amazing things SRTT has to offer!

Ready to sign up? Here’s the link:

Frequently Asked Questions

Looks like registration is through I already have an Active account – can I just use that?
Yes! There is an option to log in to your Active account and you just fill in the info for becoming an SRTT Member. If you need to edit any of your info you simply log into your Active account after you are done!

What does my membership number mean?
Your SRTT Member ID makes you an official member of a beautiful network of running women all over the world! You’ll use your ID to unlock exclusive deals, discounts, challenges and more as we continue to grow!

Is there a fee to be an official member?
Nope! Never! Belonging to SRTT is ALWAYS free!!!

How do I notate I’m a part of a chapter
You will see “join a chapter” for those who are associated with a local chapter.  This will help your chapter leader stay in contact with you!!  If you don’t see your chapter listed, please have your chapter leader contact

What is the Women’s Day 5k?
We are tag teaming with Zooma on the Women’s Day 5k that happens to fall on our…. Wait for it…. TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY.  Yes! This March SRTT/MRTT will have been around TEN YEARS.  EVERYONE is welcome to participate in the Women’s Day 5k for free – but as always there is a medal option with magnet and a bib that will have your new member number on it! We will have a LOT of other events and contests around the big anniversary so stay tuned for all that.  Right now this is the only place to get the magnets and medals – but we will share info on how to register for FREE without swag closer to the actual event.

Why does my confirmation email say ZOOMA/Be Inspired Events?
SRTT is excited to partner with ZOOMA – an all women’s race series. We have worked with the owner of ZOOMA, Sarah Ratzlaff, for a number of years and are joining forces to combine her administrative and organizational expertise with our fun loving running club to bring you the best free running experience and help take SRTT to heights we’ve never been able to accomplish on our own.

If you have ANY questions about signups, waivers, the race, member numbers, etc feel free to email