Tifosi Giveaway!

As some of us enter the school year virtually – we are faced with a number of new challenges.  Establishing new schedules.  Finding ways to get our workouts in while expected to keep our kids on task.  Dealing with a LOT of screen time. Surviving this crazy new normal. Over the next few weeks I […]

Global Running Day

She RUNS This Town has grown from a local running club to a national running club to a WORLD WIDE running club in just 9 years! Celebrate this day of global running with your SRTT sisters across the globe! Log your mileage from today for a chance to win prizes and lets see how far […]

Virtual Race Course

It’s tough being socially distanced from our running friends.  Races are being postponed or cancelled.  Running alone is fine – but there’s a void from the FEEL of a race course that solo running just doesn’t fill. That’s why we came up with the Social Distance Virtual RACE COURSE. This isn’t a virtual race…. this […]

Race Shirt Re-Mix

Most everyone loves regular t-shirts….. unfortunately on me they make my boxy frame look even more boxy.  I can’t tell you how many race tshirts I’ve either tossed or just used as painting shirts because I just never wear them out. Well that’s changed. I’ve been dying to try to find a way to cut […]

Goals and Tracker Sheet!

Setting goals mentally is great – but getting them down on paper and coming up with steps is an even better way to stay accountable!  Print out one of our 2020 goals coloring sheets for you and the kiddos!  Let them set goals on their own and talk to them about the things they can […]

St. Patrick’s Day Workout

Yesterday’s post was a fun activity to get moving and even help teach your littles to spell!! Today it’s a little lesson in money ? How much gold is in your pot?? Do as many of these exercises as you can and total up your gold! Chime in below and tell us how much you have! […]

Your name is your workout

Today is the first day of the kids being home. They were actually sent home with guidance on activities for PE which I thought was pretty cool. I know some of us are going a little stir crazy – so I figured I’d give you a workout you can do at home AND something your […]

MMRT: A sister club for ‘mighty’ runners

(emphasis on the might) Moms RUN This Town has been around for 8 years now. Back in the day we rarely used the acronym MRTT because we were afraid no one would know what it stood for. It surprised me when the #mrtt hashtag took off, girls were wanting MRTT gear, and people were calling […]

Running Groups For Moms

When I first started MRTT I found out about the book Train Like A Mother and the Another Mother Runner website. I had the chance to meet Sarah and Dimity at one of their house parties and later at a Zooma race. I always like to add little bucket list things for MRTT and it’s […]

You’ve Been Flipped!

One thing I LOVE about our MRTT members and leaders is the creativity they have. One chapter got this silly little idea to turn our MRTT car magnets into a game! Here’s how it works: If you are ever out and about… a parking lot…. a neighborhood…. anywhere really – and see someone with a […]