Plum Tired Cocktail

I’ve been rallying SRTT Chapter Leaders a little over 9 years now.  We come from ALL parts of the world and while we are connected by our little Chapter Leader group – there has still been something missing. Thanks to Covid (ha!) the world is learning to lean on virtual connections a little more – […]

How To Run With A Jogging Stroller

How To Run With A Jogging Stroller By Whitney Sandoval Pro-tip: Carry snacks. Carry all the snacks. I started running with a jogging stroller after my daughter was born in 2015. I found a super cheap Baby Trend jogging stroller on a mom sell page and slowly began building my mileage. It’s been over five […]

Covid 101: Can I run a road race?

Thank you to one of our SRTT Chapter Leaders, Heather Young, PhD MPH, who wrote and allowed us to share this article. Original post can be found HERE If you are a runner, you might be wondering when races are going to start again. Many larger races are still being canceled because crowds–even outside–put people […]

You’ve Been Flipped

One thing I LOVE about our SRTT members and leaders is the creativity they have. One chapter got this silly little idea to turn our SRTT car magnets into a game! Here’s how it works: If you are ever out and about… a parking lot…. a neighborhood…. anywhere really – and see someone with a […]

Fathers Also Run This Town

From the beginning of MRTT we’ve heard the Dads make a stink over not having their own club….. “What about us?  Where’s our running group? Fathers also RUN This Town” Yes they do… and after 5 years of neglecting the men, we are ready to give in. Thanks to the gusto of David Anderson (husband of MRTT […]

MMRT: A sister club for ‘mighty’ runners

(emphasis on the might) Moms RUN This Town has been around for 8 years now. Back in the day we rarely used the acronym MRTT because we were afraid no one would know what it stood for. It surprised me when the #mrtt hashtag took off, girls were wanting MRTT gear, and people were calling […]

100 beginner running tips!!

I found this blog post on a group in Facebook and thought all the beginners could use it and even the “old timers” might find something useful!!! 100 Beginner Running Tips Posted by Mark Iocchelli Filed Under: Learn to Run, Our Best Running Articles, Running Tips Welcome to the Complete Running Network 100 Beginner Running […]

Protein + Caffeine = AWESOME

The other day one of my main mamas texted me asking how I was doing.  We’ve had a busy month with MRTT with lot of changes so she knew I was running on fumes.  Of course – it was the morning after coming home from the Running & Fitness Event for Women in Chicago, IL…. I […]

15 Days of Healthy Habits

One of my biggest struggles in life is knowing that I “lead” a national running organization yet I struggle ALL THE TIME to stay on track with healthy habits. This summer has been rough…. with MRTT growing and keeping me super busy, 2 VERY high maintenance kids (Just turned 6 and 21 months), a house […]

Brew your own Kombucha

Half of you are asking ‘KOM-WHAAAAT?’ – for the others who know what it is, I’m sure you are divided into the “love it!” or “hate it” group 😉  This is for the LOVE IT group and for those interested in trying it! What is Kombucha?  Kombucha is fermented tea which is then lightly and […]