She RUNS This Town:
A more inclusive name for the same fabulous group of women!

Moms RUN This Town |She RUNS This Town was started in March 2011 by Pam Burrus in Georgia. She simply wanted a group of supportive women to run with who understood the demands of being a mother-runner (i.e. running with a stroller, stopping mid-run to nurse, not making it to a run because you were up with a puking kid half the night, etc.) Her intention was simply to find a group of women who would support each other’s passion for running in an inclusive way. Five years ago, she realized this “small little running group” she started had exploded into over 800 chapters around the globe. Many of those chapters had both moms and non-moms in it, so the decision to add “She Runs This Town” to the name was made. Pam had always envisioned the club to welcome all women, so it was an easy decision to add the extra title.

That brings us to today. As the national organization has grown and evolved over the years Pam has struggled with what she felt was a dual identity. MRTT/SRTT seemed to be a bit at odds with each other. Moms are “shes” but not all shes are moms. It was taking up a lot of her time and energy to address both factions. So in December 2019, Pam announced that the National Organization will now be known as She Runs This Town. Moms Run this Town still exists, and will always have a place –  and there will still be a TON of focus on the unique challenges of being a mom and a runner. We aren’t changing ANYTHING about how we function…we are going to continue to welcome all women into our group, we are still going to talk about kids, husbands, work, how annoying our kids, husbands, and work are, along with all the other amazing conversations we have each week. The name change will simply just be a way for us to hopefully reach more supportive and amazing women who want to join our tribe, but may have shied away because they aren’t a mom.

A little history on how it all started from the founder:

When I first started running – I didn’t have friends to run with. All my runs were by myself, no one to race with, no one to motivate me to get out there, just me and the road. And it was boring. After having my first child and taking a nice little year and a half break from running, I started walking with friends. We would push our babes up and down the street for 3 mile walks. I began noticing my friend Heather posting her runs on facebook and I felt TERRIBLE guilt.  I knew I needed to get back out there.

In December of 2010 I ran a race with 3 of my friends and the seed was planted. After finding more and more running women in the area, the idea hit me…. lets start a running club!! That night I tossed and turned trying to come up with a name for our new club. I went through EVERYTHING trying to decide what would fit… then it hit me… Moms RUN This Town!!! Like we literally run the town… and we RUN the town… get it?

Shortly after I realized… “this town” is EVERYWHERE… so why not go big?? The little idea of a local running club for moms quickly turned into a Nation-wide running club – and as it exploded I realized it was more than just moms that needed support it was ALL women!!!  She RUNS This Town was added to our name.

My goal is to motivate, inspire, celebrate, and encourage ALL women in ALL stages of life.  We are aunts, mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, and wives.  We all have stories to share and advice to offer from a wide variety of perspectives.  Our club is set apart by the fact that we don’t focus on speed or ability – but work to include every woman runner in every stage of fitness.  I always joke “we don’t claim to be the ‘fastest’ just the ‘funnest’.“ Whether you are a walker hoping to start training for your first 5k or an experienced runner training for a marathon – we would love to have you as part of our community.

Thanks for being a part of the vision – we hope to see you on the pavement!
Pam Burrus – Founder