A New Race Distance!!!

Today was a HUGE day!!  We received an email from the NACRD (National Association of Certified Race Distances) that our proposal for a new race length was approved!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

We have been in communications with them for over a year trying to get a new distance certified half way between the half marathon and marathon distance.  As a running group for women we see the need for “baby steps” in race distances and it seemed that there wasn’t much race-wise between a half and a full.  It started as an idea for a virtual race then I figured – why not see if we can make it OFFICIAL!!  It’s been a loooooooong process… lots of waiting… a little negative feedback…. of course some positive…. but the good new is:


The new distance of 19.65 was FINALLY approved and we are THRILLED!!!! Check out the email we received (insert girly squeal here!!!!!!)

Dear Mrs. Burrus,
Thank you for your patience with us over the past year.  As you can imagine this has presented itself to be quite the hot topic among the NACRD. We are, however, excited to announce that we have approved your suggested race distance of 19.65 miles and would like to invite you to run the distance with our team.  I know we have been in discussion with each other on the official name for the distance – and we will need this by Monday April 8, 2013.   As I’ve worked with you over the past year I’ve grown attached to this idea of a new distance and was so thrilled to see it approved.   I look forward to hearing the name you select to represent the 19.65!  Congratulations!

Thomas F. Oolery, Jr.
Director of  Certification – NACRD

So….. The next step is naming it.  We have simply been calling it the 19.65 in communications, but now that it’s approved we have a week to come up with a name for it – and that’s where you come into play!! We are asking YOU what your thoughts are?  The only thing we can come up with is the “” but that just sounds weird….. so HELP US!!

Put on your thinking caps and help us come up with a name and you will help be a part of history!!!  Comment below or post on our facebook page!!

Now – if you made it through all that and have already started coming up with names……. no need to continue.  APRIL FOOLS!!!!! Gotcha 😉


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