5k Training Plan

At SRTT we LOVE beginners and come back runners!  I was one … heck, we were all beginners at some point, right?  Our 12 week plan will show you what run/walk intervals can do for you and ease you into running.  Remember all paces and skill levels can do this.  If you find you are more advanced for the beginning weeks of intervals, just select a different interval suggestion or try your own!

Couch to 5k training plan - She RUNS This Town - Moms RUN This TownDepending on your pace during your run/walk intervals, the mileage for each day will look something like this (this is based on an 11-12 min run pace and a 15-17 min walk pace):
Week 1: 1.25 miles
Week 2: 1.5 miles
Week 3: 1.7 miles
Week 4: 1.8 miles
Week 5: 2 miles
Week 6: 2.35 miles
Week 7: 2.45 miles
Week 8: 2.6 miles
Week 9: 2.5 miles
Week 10: 3 miles
Week 11: 2.8 miles
Week 12: 3.1

Ready to start? Lets go!

  • You can start this plan at ANY time
  • Always remember to warm up properly.  It only takes a 5 min walk to get your body ready for the run!
  • If you need an extra week take one
  • If you are a beginner: try to stick to the suggested number of sets.  Even if you think you can do one or two more sets – just stop.  There is logic behind the intervals and sets we are suggesting to prevent burnout and injury.
    If you are on a “comeback” from a running hiatus: you may be able to play with the intervals a bit to fit your needs but remember less can be more sometimes so that you don’t burnout!!!
  • If you find an interval you LOVE and want to just keep doing that – that’s fine too! (just be sure to increase your sets to get in the proper mileage!)
  • If you fall off the bandwagon – just get back on when you can
  • Listen to what your body is telling you.

For all you “Type A” or list makers….

Here are some items to do and check off.

  1. Join our Couch to 5k facebook group so you can encourage and motivate each other along your journey.  It’s a great place to ask questions or share tips that work well for you.  Click Here to join the C25k MRTT Facebook Group
  2. Go outside (or on the treadmill) and walk for 5 minutes as a warmup.  Restart your watch (if you have a GPS reset it – if not note where you are starting).  Run at a slow steady pace for as long as you can.  When you feel like you just HAVE to walk stop your watch and again take note of where you finish.  Write down how many minutes or seconds you could run for continuously and write down how far you ran (distance wise) in that time period.
  3. Print out our super cute 12 week Couch to 5k Plan
  4. Get an interval timer.  There are tons of interval timer apps for phones (make sure you have one that allows you to set 2 intervals), some gps watches have interval settings so check the manual if you aren’t sure, or snag one of these totally snazzy Gym Boss Interval Timers.  I prefer the Gym Boss personally because it’s easy to change up intervals if you need to quickly and also lets you set the number of sets.
  5. Pick your day to start the plan and get started!!
  6. Sometime in the next few weeks start looking for a 5k you can run when you finish the program.  If there isn’t one in the area, pick a day and make it your own personal 5k.  Plot out a 3.1 mile course and run your heart out!  Be sure to time yourself and write it down so you have a baseline for your first 5k (or first 5k back at it!)