10 Year Anniversary Virtual Run!

What started as ‘running this town’ has grown to running the WORLD! 

This year She RUNS This Town / Moms RUN This Town is celebrating 10 YEARS of running together!

In 2011, I realized running with girl friends was more fun than running alone so I slowly started gathering my local new mom friends for walks with our babies.  As more women joined us, I knew I couldn’t be the only one that needed this support – so literally overnight  SRTT/MRTT was born!

I remember dreaming up what the club was, what we would do, what it meant, and what my vision was. I remember thinking I’d know SRTT/MRTT had “made it” when two members from two different states saw each other in MRTT gear at a race and knew they had an instant running buddy.  And I still remember the day I ran into the first member at the Peachtree Road Race wearing an MRTT logo and she wasn’t in my original group of friends.  I’ve heard so many stories throughout the years of members meeting up at races, finding members along the course, and even hosting other members from out of state.  It gives me chills just typing that.

In 10 years we have grown so much – but our purpose has stayed the same.  To create a FREE safe, inviting, and motivating running club for women of ALL skill levels.

I’ve seen so much love and support outside of running – whether times of sadness, illness, injury, or other life events.  I’ve watched our members rally around each other to help and support other members and members of their communities.  We are more than just a running club.  We are a support system that now spans the WORLD.

And this is why we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary BIG.  We may hit our 10 year birthday in March, but the celebration will go on all year long.

To kick off this momentous year we are hosting our 10 Year RUN THE WORLD virtual race.  As always, it’s free to participate with options for medals and other swag.  Throughout the month of March we will host contests, challenges, and allow you to pick your distance (5k, 10k, or half) to run the RUN THE WORLD for our virtual race.  You can run any time in March and run with yourself or run with a small socially distanced group*. Click here to register – it’s free and takes just a minute to complete!

We are INSANELY excited to see how many different cities, states, and countries our members are coming from and see how much we truly have taken over the world for women’s running!  We started as a small group of 5 of my friends, but my group of friends has now expanded to over 100,000 women who I now consider family.  Thank you all who have journeyed with me throughout the year and sharing the vision!!  I love and appreciate all my members, chapter leaders, and everyone involved in the SRTT/MRTT mission to motivate, inspire, celebrate and encourage women runners across the globe.  Now… lets light up the map and RUN THE WORLD!

10 Year Anniversary MRTT/SRTT Events in March will include:

  • All month long to complete your 10 year anniversary 5k, 10k, or Half Marathon
  • ZOOMA International Women’s Day 5k on March 8th
  • Running Bingo
  • Scavenger hunt (watch the FB page for items to hunt and post!)
  • Photo Contest
  • “Big 10” Run challenge on March 13th – our OFFICIAL 10 year anniversary!
  • And more 😉

*Please respect your areas Covid guidelines for social distancing and only run with who you feel comfortable with.

Ready to RUN the world?
CLICK HERE to register for our 10th Anniversary Virtual Run!



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